C.J. Odle is an author and ayahuascero living in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Apart from his wife, his three main loves are...



Hampstead heath

Born and bred in London, England, Hampstead Heath was a boyhood playground for C.J. It nurtured his love of nature, where he spent hours reading and daydreaming. Even in his busy adult life, he often cycled there to see the trees and breathe fresh air while he was living in the city. 

Nature became something more real when he spent three years working with his family running a small farm in Devon, South-West England.





In his early 40´s his connection with nature took another turn, taking him to Peru to learn about medicinal plants. Splitting his time between London and the jungle, he completed a traditional apprenticeship in Amazonian shamanism over 6 years.

Four shamans.jpg

In 2011, C.J. and his wife finally settled in the so-called high jungle of Peru, where the Andes meets the Amazon. 

They run a small conservation project protecting and reforesting medicinal trees and plants over 30 hectares of mountainous land. Click here.

Previous owners were small farmers who degraded the earth with over cultivation and use of chemicals. After 6 years of their no fumigation and ecological approach, nature is invigorated and a lot of indigenous plants and animals are thriving. There is even a sloth who comes to their terrace to lick the cement, which augments their mineral deficiency!





His Russian born grandmother taught him how to read at the age of three. She was full of mysteries, and was reputedly able to move objects by telekinesis, especially the kitchen table....

Until recently, C.J. was almost unaware of the fact that `The Clockwork Man´ published in 1923 and considered by many to be the first Cyborg fiction, was written by his granddad, E.V. Odle. Read more about this re-discovered sci-fi classic here.

He grew up surrounded by books as his dad was also a writer and journalist. He instilled into young C.J. not only a love of books, but also writing. He regularly gave his three sons writing exercises, one of which was ¨How do you describe a pencil to an Alien?¨


mind body


In his late 20´s, C.J. worked as an advisor to a major New Age publisher, subsequently being commissioned to write a book on visualization. He also wrote a meditation guide to the seven chakras for a Japanese publisher.

His vivid imagination found an outlet in screenplay writing, and this experience laid the foundation for the creation of Startoucher. Click to see the Birth of Startoucher here.



All his life, he dreamed about having his own library filled with his favourite books. One major headache was how to safely ship hundreds of books to Peru. They put their faith in the postal system, and miraculously more than 30 boxes eventually arrived intact. Now the library stores over 500 books, mainly on spiritual and mind body spirit themes. 

He also loves fiction, with a particular weakness for Asian crime novels and John Grisham!

If you´d like to check out his virtual library on Goodreads, click here.

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3 favourites


London Planetarium

Stars became a big part of his life as a boy, and an early interest in astronomy was inspired by frequent visits to the planetarium. He would sit there lost to the world, absorbed in the wonders of the universe.

As he grew up, his interest in Astronomy shifted to the more mystical aspects of the stars in Astrology. 

Astro chart.jpg

began Astrology

He was lucky to meet Geoffrey Cornelius, one of the leading British Astrologers, and studied with him one to one over the next 20 years. In 1997, his first book on Astrology was published. It is a unique guide to many aspects of human compatibility according to the birth sign.


He has worked not only as an Astrologer but also as a professional Psychic since 1979, and during this period has given more than 10,000 consultations. In the late 90´s, he set up a psychic reading service called Star Temple, connecting clients and readers on the phone. Under his guidance and being at the forefront of telephone technology, Star Temple flourished with more than 60 people working for the company. The business was sold when he moved to live in Peru permanently.

Over the years his love of astrology has continued and deepened. He is planning to write a book about his approach, based on his personal journey and experiences with this ancient art of divination.